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Solar panel system for commercial and residential sectors in Pakistan

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saved in electricity bills


saved in Electricity bills​

Happy customers of SignalBoom


Happy Customers

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Why Choose Solar Panel for your Home?

leading solar panel and solar energy company. Pakistan's no.1 Solar EPC Company​

Lowers Energy Costs:

Solar power has now become a cheap source of energy. With SignalBoom, you can relatively expect reduced energy costs!

Engineered and Designed​

Clean Energy for the Environment:

With solar power, you can get access to clean energy as there will be no emissions released into the atmosphere while creating electricity.

leading solar panel and solar energy company

Go Solar with Us!

Best Quality and Price​.

Improved Cash flow:

With the solar solution, you can experience improved cash flow. In fact, for less than you have been spending on utility bills, you could produce renewable energy.

Flexible payment options​

Highest quality solar panel system:

With SignalBoom, you can simply leverage the power of a high-quality solar panel solution with a promise of excellent support.

IOT-powered Diagnostics​

Reduced carbon footprint:

Solar panel installation efficiently reduces carbon footprint while generating new and renewable energy sources.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process


Our solar panel experts first visit your place to check the rooftop while using different advanced 3D layouts and shadow profiling. After that, our solar panel installation team recommends optimal system solutions, while positioning solar panels in an accurate area according to your requirements.

Design of SignalBoom Solar Energy company
Solar Panel Energy System


After a complete evaluation and analysis of your solar panel system, the SignalBoom team installs the system to your office, or your home based on the requirements you share. And then, you simply get an opportunity of converting your place into a ‘smart home’ with complete power control.


The process doesn’t end with installation, after that, our team offers complete diagnostics of the solar solution so that you can simply measure all the usage of solar panel system as well as get protection against errors or malfunctions. Our experts also take care of repair and replacement after installation.

Diagnostics by SignalBoom

Why choose SignalBoom?

Solar System by Signal Boom
leading solar panel and solar energy company

Huge Return on investment:

Within the first few months, you can expect a 100% return on investment with SignalBoom’s solar panel solution.

leading solar panel and solar energy company

Flexible payment solutions:

We offer flexible payment solutions based on your needs and budget.

leading solar panel and solar energy company

100% cost savings:

At SignalBoom, we help you save 100% money on power bills and also streamline cashflow for commercial sectors.

Smart lifestyle with Solar Residential Solutions in Pakistan

SignalBoom provides an on-grid and smart solar home solution for decreased electricity bills in Pakistan

Smart Solar Solution for Commercial Sectors in Pakistan

We provide custom-tailored commercial solar solutions while harnessing the power of energy-efficient technologies