7 Misconceptions about Solar System in Pakistan

7 Misconceptions about Solar System in Pakistan

Global warming has increased to a higher extent and so the demand for a renewable form of energy has also accelerated. Nowadays, we are surrounded by a plethora of renewable energies, especially solar energy which can be used for around a year. Even though, the demand for clean energy is also being increasingly popular all over the world but there are still many misconceptions regarding solar power.

Top Misconceptions about solar system in Pakistan.

Misconception: Solar Energy Systems are expensive

Reality: Solar system in Pakistan and even in all countries have different prices as it differs from company to company. The system is imported as well as exported, while some organizations are only importers and distributors of this technology. Only a few companies genuinely work in the solar energy field.

However, many people feel resistant to have solar panels installed on their homes. They believe that its installation costs are too high, although, the initial installation costs of residential solar panels depend on many factors. It is dependent on the size of the system or your home that determines the initial installation costs.

Moreover, normally, a solar panel system costs between Rs. 240,000 to Rs. 640,000 for a 3kW to 8kW system. On the other hand, if you prefer to install the system yourself then a residential solar panel system may cost between Rs. 500,000 to Rs. 2,000,000 for a 3kW to 8kW system. You may be feeling astonished over these price ranges, there are several states, local, or federal tax incentives and refunds available to balance the initial startup costs of solar systems. After combining these refunds, tax incentives, and rebates, you will have a reduced installation cost by more than 50% in some cases. Here you can also check about the commercial solar system to get a better idea or you can just call us and get a complete information about solar services we provide.

Misconception: Solar panels only work in summers

Reality: Many people think that solar panels do not work in summers, they think their production depends on the temperature or the season. Reality says that solar energy production has nothing to do with the prevailing season. It is wholly dependent on the kinetic energy of small particles, Photons, which contain light and convertible energy.

Therefore, it is significant to keep in mind that the solar energy system does not need heat from the sun rather it needs light energy in order to generate electricity. The solar panels will work efficiently if it is getting enough sunlight, even in the cold temperature. Remember, the solar panels work in cold even snowy weather too. Technologies allow it to work highly efficiently and effectively. Its smart technology works even more powerfully at a cooler temperature.

Even cold, sunny winter days, it generates a comparable level of electricity. For example, Germany, Italy, China, and UK have the most efficient systems worldwide.

Misconception: Solar energy systems and solar panels require a lot of maintenance 

Reality: People believe that solar panels and solar energy systems need a lot of maintenance whereas the reality is opposite to it. Solar panels and their respective system’s installation is a clear, straight process as long as you are buying from a trustworthy and reliable organization or source. The system is installed by trained engineers who install it either on the ground or on a roof.

Moreover, solar panels do not need a daily cleansing rather removing the accumulated dust, debris, or snow can be essential if you live in cold climate areas. Otherwise, solar panels are manufactured in a way that they can withstand harsh climate. Solar panels can be cleaned after 6 months if you live away from the industrial areas. Their batteries are installed inside the home, this is why you do not need any special cleaning. It has a plus point too that companies with complete end-to-end solutions offer periodic maintenance.

Misconception: You can’t store solar energy for night consumption

Reality: Not all systems can store energy. Solar energy systems are of two types, can be found in the market easily. One, the grid system, and the second, the hybrid system. A grid-tied system cannot store energy as this system is connected with a grid. On the other hand, a hybrid system has the potential to come with energy backup units. So choosing a hybrid energy system would be the right option if you are looking for the night-time electricity requirement. At SignalBoom, we provide solar panel solutions for commercial and residential sectors​ providing the complete installation, maintenance and repair services in Pakistan with warranty to keep our customers satisfied.

Misconception: The Return on Investment for the solar energy system is far too long.

Reality: A high-quality solar energy system with efficient technological features can assist your energy needs for around 25 to 30 years. The system helps you from power outages and inflation, it also adds up to the savings with net-metering. You can have the benefit of zero energy bills or sometimes even negative.

Moreover, you can have the return on investment in approximately 5-8 years of its lifespan. In short, it is an economical and practical choice of an investment that puts your money back into your pocket for many years to come.

Misconception: Reselling your home will be harder with solar panels.

Reality: People do not prefer solar panels just due to their misconception that it will be hard to resell their homes. Whereas reality says that solar panels even enhance the value of your property. According to the survey, homes already set with solar panels, get sold faster than other homes without panels.

Even though solar panels’ cost ranges from Rs. 970,351.27 to Rs. 1,552,881.25 but you end up saving your money on a long term basis because they enhance the value of your home by on Rs. 2,717,771.88 average. Moreover, some schemes are plus points through which you can enjoy increased savings like the former Feed-in Tariff (FiT). This scheme helps your home to look appealing to buyers as they would continue to acquire the benefits from the grant for many more years.

Misconception: Solar panels will cause damage to your roof.

Reality: Solar panels will never damage your roof rather they benefit the portion of the roof they cover as they preserve and protect. If needed, the panels placed on the roof can easily be removed since they are not directly attached to the roof rather they are only mounted on its top. The sealant fills gaps if any gap is found between the rooftop and panels. Also, metal flashing is used to protect mounts, or coverings are used for an extra barrier for protection.

So check your roof first whether it is free from all damages or not, before mounting a new rooftop.

Misconception: Solar panel prices are based on the size of your home.

Reality: No solar panel is designed to mount without the consent of the homeowner rather they are designed to fit the definite needs of each homeowner. Special attention is paid to the slope and the orientation of the homeowner’s home’s roof while determining the cost of solar panel installation. Also, the surrounding area is especially considered to make sure if the home is positioned in the area where there the sunlight has easy access.

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