What are Bifacial Solar Panels and how do they Work?

What are Bifacial Solar Panels and how do they Work?

Just like most solar panel technology, Bifacial solar panels have been around since the 1960s but has not satisfactorily reached the demanded efficiency until in recent times. They have now become operational and numerous solar manufacturers are manufacturing these solar panels now on a massive scale. Some energy experts even anticipate that the demand for these panels will surely expand ten times in the coming four to five years. These solar panels are more beneficial than the ordinary mono-facial solar panels but utilize the similar PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact) innovation. This blog will brief you on bifacial panels, their working, power, and dominance.

What is A Bifacial Solar Panel?

The bifacial solar panels are the ones that are capable of producing electricity upon exposure to sunlight from both the top and the bottom sides of the panel. They contrast from the mono facial panels that are capable to produce electricity just from one side.

How Are Bifacial Solar Panels Made?

The bifacial solar panels are made out of semiconductors just like regular panels but their front and back, both of the sides have a covering of transparent materials. The front is generally secured by a glass covering while the back may have glass or sheet covering. These panels are usually monocrystalline in nature however polycrystalline structure can likewise be produced.

The only reason it is not manufactured is that monocrystalline is better regarding efficiency and effectiveness when contrasted to polycrystalline ones. These solar panels generally come without an external edge and are border frame-less. The other components are additionally so intended to cast a minimum shade on the rear end of the panels to maximize the level of production.

How Do Bifacial Solar Panels Work?

The top solar cells of a bifacial solar panel framework are pointed towards the sun, so they can directly absorb maximum sunbeams. The top solar cells work like those of a customary solar panel on the other hand the rear solar cells absorb light that reflects off the ground. Therefore, the light is called albedo light and it is called the albedo effect. White or light tones reflect in a way that is better than dull tones. Painting a white or silver surface on a housetop or solid parking space under the panels gives a comparable impact, as well. Studies reveal that a white surface reflects more than 80% of albedo light. This is one reason these panels produce greater electricity in frigid winters.

To improve the working of the underside cells, using prevalent silicon in monocrystalline cells is ideal. -Unlike mono-facial solar panel framework that is placed in racks relating to a surface, for instance, a roof, bifacial produce more energy when they are determined off of the rooftop or ground at various degrees.

Since daylight ricochets off of all articles intelligently at different focuses, bifacial solar panels are better prepared to get a more prominent measure of it. They are even beneficial on obscure days when mono facial solar cells are at a more essential drawback.   To deliver two energy tops for the term of the day, half of the bifacials in a display can be leaned toward the east to catch dawn and morning beams; the other half, westward, to absorb evening force and sunset beams. By setting the bifacial panel in a vertical position, one can have a twofold pinnacle each day. During each highpoint, the impression of sunlight on the other side of the solar panels will in like manner add to energy creation

By setting the bifacial board in a vertical position, one can have a twofold pinnacle each day. During each highpoint, the impression of sunlight on the contrary side of the sun oriented boards will in like manner add to energy creation. A favored situation of a vertical position is that vacation day sand blown over in environment events will not create a hurdle in its working.

Advantages of a Bifacial Solar Panel

Bifacial solar modules provide absolute benefits over regular solar panels:

  • Better execution
  • Higher productivity
  • More prominent profitability
  • Tantamount expense with the standard ones
  • Better than utilizing trackers
  • More sturdy
  • Saves space

Efficiency Comparison

The bifacial solar panels have the capacity to manufacture electricity from both sides and this is due to the reason that they have glass covers on both the upper and back sides. This additionally makes them relatively more profitable and productive than their counterparts.

Are Bifacial Solar Panels Right For Your Home?

Bifacial solar panels are on the ascent and have been in utilization for as long as a couple of years. However, relatively few private residential solar systems have had them being used. These panels have generally been utilized in large commercial establishments with space limitations. Altogether, these solar panels are an incredible decision for solar systems across Pakistan. The greater part of the rooftops in Pakistan have cement, concrete, or block rooftops which are not the proper reflective material for these panels but rather they at any rate increase the profitability. The marble rooftops or white painted rooftops are the finest establishments for the installation of these solar plates.

Availability in Pakistan

These solar panels are not yet accessible in Pakistan as a large portion of the organizations is still managing in just the mono facial monocrystalline solar panels which are relatively more reasonable than the bifacial ones. These panels will see a decrease in cost in the coming years and will hopefully be within easy reach in Pakistan for use. SignalBoom is just now working its best on bringing up to date solar products in Pakistan and bifacial solar panels are our foremost priority in our list of products to bring in Pakistan.

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