Commercial Solar System in Pakistan

At SignalBoom, we provide custom-tailored commercial solar systems while harnessing the power of energy-efficient technologies and smart turnkey solutions for large PV installations.

If you are looking for an expert commercial solar installation for your large-scale organization, SignalBoom is here to help. We can help you install an efficient solar system that best meets your needs while providing world-class backup and services. We help you generate clean electricity solutions directly from the sun while reducing your power bills. We also make sure that our solar system demonstrates your business’s commitment to the overall environment. Our team takes the complete responsibility of installation, monitoring, and maintenance of the system on your roof while producing solar energy at the lowest possible costs.

Similar to residential solar system, SignalBoom provides complete installation and maintenance service of your solar panels to your business. With latest solar technology integrated, we will make sure that your business is running all the time utilizing clean energy and saving you a lot.

Expert installation:

We offer expert installation and maintenance 24 hours by accredited installers.

Diverse range of industries:

Covering a diverse range of industries with smart solar solutions to minimize rising energy costs.

Commercial packages

Package 30kW

This solar system is designed specifically for dealing with commercial and industrial sectors.

The load this system can handle even in an outage are:

Eleven 1-ton inverter ACs or eight 1.5-ton inverter ACs, twenty-five laptops, fifteen desktops, fridges, LCD/LED TVs, and a number of fans and lights.

3×10 kWh
1893.6mm H x 2641.65mm W x 237.85mm D
Backup Time @90% DoD: 60 min @ 90% Peak Load
1M – 10K and 2 S -10K

Package 30 to 3+ MW

Packages that range from 30 kW to 3+ MW systems cater to large-scale commercial and industrial solar solutions while lowering overall energy costs. Large-scale solar systems normally act as micro-grid power systems that are responsible to offer a complete backup solution for highway service stations, manufacturing facilities as well as rural electrification. All the solar solutions are monitored 24 hours by our installation experts and make sure they implement smart energy intelligence solutions for smaller systems.

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